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Baby Buggy Cub Trailer


Hard plastic bottom provides added durability with drain holes for easy cleaning Adjustable suspension for a smooth ride Bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room Padded Spring Integrated Technology ( S.I.T.™) Seat prevents tangled straps and simplifies getting your little one in and out of the trailer. The S.I.T. Seat is also machine washable. Integrated fenders Adjustable handlebar fits parents of any height and doubles as an additional roll bar when folded forward in biking mode Water resistant zippers provide extra water protection Compact fold flattens the trailer for easy storage and transportation Seat release buckles collapse seat down for easy conversion from carrying kids to hauling cargo Adjustable sunshade Adjustable seatback Padded reinforcement on front edge of seat Tinted side and rear window Rear window ventilation 20” push button wheels for quick removal Hub engaged parking brake

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